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1960 fashion men are sexy and classy. Most men at that time wanted to have an attitude, a fashionable look and above all, good looks. That was the decade when men made their first foray into formal clothing. The decade fashion for men brought in some great new fashions. These fashions were in keeping with the changing times.

At that time, many men wore suits. This was definitely an update from the tail coats and tweed suits of earlier days. In fact, it was so much fancier and trendier that this look was dubbed as “Hollywood look.” Therefore, if you are wearing a suit today, it is still considered to be the 1960s fashions. You can choose any color as per your choice and liking.

Ties were also very common and there was no tie back then. Men were more adventurous in tying their tie rather than tying it tightly back. Ties were available in so many colors that you can choose the one you like. Moreover, neckties are no longer limited to black.

For men, shoes were very important in choosing their fashion. Men at that time could go for leather, suede or any other high fashion material available then. Men were not limited to plain and simple sneakers or sandals. They used expensive and designer shoes to look handsome and smart. Thus, shoes played a major role in defining men's fashion of that time.

Today, the need for men's clothing has gone up considerably. More men are going to office. This is because many of them prefer to work with their collars on. In fact, they hardly ever come out of their offices.

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At the same time, they also wear their shirts unbuttoned. This is because they do not feel the need to button their shirts. Thus, they prefer to let their shirts hang loose on their backs. As far as their dress code is concerned, it is quite similar to that of women – they go for simple but elegant attire.

However, there are few fashion mistakes that are made by men. One such error is they do not know the difference between denim jeans and regular jeans. They try to pair denim jeans with a shirt and formal trousers. Instead, they should match denim jeans with casual wear.

Other 1960 fashion blunders include trying to wear white clothing with black tie. Men of that era preferred black suit and white tie combination. If they want to look casual, they can wear t-shirts and corduroy. Likewise, they should avoid wearing white shoes with black tie. In addition, they should always tie their socks and shoes with black socks and shoes.

In order to complete the look that is associated with the 1960s fashions, men should invest in a great pair of cufflinks. Apart from that, they can look trendy by using belts made of silver or gold. Gold or silver buckles look very smart and are also considered as a part of the 1960s fashion accessory. For men who wish to buy belts, then buckles can be bought either with a single buckle or with two buckles on each side.

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1960 fashion men are fond of shoes. Therefore, they wear trainers with their suits. Trainers are available in various shapes and sizes. They can look handsome and elegant with a simple trainers and can also complete their outfit. The trainers have always been the footwear of men. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a pair of trainers, then you must consider buying a pair that is a little bigger than your foot size.

Another important thing to remember is the color of clothing. Men who try to imitate the 1960s fashion do not forget to choose the right color of clothing for themselves. For example, if you want to look younger and vibrant, then you can try wearing a light colored shirt and tie. Moreover, you can try wearing an acid-washed denim shirt. If you want to look more casual, then you can choose a lighter shade of tie and a turtleneck. On the other hand, men who prefer to stick to the basic color scheme can simply choose clothing in dark colors.

One of the most important aspects of dressing well is having a good haircut. Many men often complain about their bad hair days. If you have a long hair, then try to get a short haircut. This will help you look younger without spending a lot of money.

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