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Rihanna at the Paris Fashion Week – Fenty Show – will kick off her Spring/Summer 2020 campaign, a campaign designed to get her out of her funk – with a refreshing twist on the music industry and on-going fashion trends. The designer takes full advantage of a time of transition and the huge numbers of women who are entering their thirties in the UK and Europe, a time when there is a real shift in the balance of power in the industry between labels, fashion houses and big celebrities.

A runway show in honour of Rihanna's brand new Spring/Summer 2020 fashion show; featuring stars, singers and dancers wearing the latest fashions; high-profile performances by some of the world's hottest acts in music and behind the scenes of this exciting fashion show; held at London's Mayfair Hotel. The show, which has already attracted the attention of some of today's most fashionable and successful performers in the music business, is designed for a more mature audience, more than just a younger woman buying into the hype. This is a woman who is now at her biggest and most profitable point in her career and who wants to step into the spotlight and take control of her image; she wants to be seen as a real, modern woman with real taste and real confidence.

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When Rihanna stepped onto the stage at the Paris Fashion Week, it was the beginning of what many believe is the beginning of a new chapter for this star – a woman who seems to have broken through from being merely a singer and into a role model that command respect and respectability. The Fenty Show is Rihanna in her element, taking full advantage of the huge numbers of people who will be following her tour around the globe to ensure she is getting the attention she deserves. This is a role model who has built up a huge reputation for herself and has also helped to change the industry by giving mainstream stars like Beyonce a platform to showcase their talents – without all the attention that comes with stardom.

With such a large number of celebrities and male fans following her tour around the globe, this is a prime opportunity to give Rihanna a real boost in the fashion world, without the pressure to sell that comes from a celebrity endorsing a particular fashion label. This will be a big chance for her to really showcase her personal style, which will show the world that she is not just another pop star who happens to play an instrument. She will also get to showcase her talent by wearing some of the most stylish and luxurious clothes on the catwalks, including a stunning black leather dress by the French couture brand Burberry, as well as a dazzling metallic silver jacket from the same label.

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However, what is interesting about this fashion show is that its main goal is to promote female empowerment in a very different way than other shows that feature male stars, which often focus on looking good in a bikini and making money. Instead, this show is designed to promote real confidence in the sense of wearing what you love, and Rihanna is going against the trend and making sure that the message is not about looking good but about being confident.

There are some women who might think this is a bit bold or out of touch with modern times, but as the designer herself points out, it is important to make sure that “we are living in a time where the image of a woman is everything.” It is about being honest and real and not about trying to look like a supermodel; it is about feeling confident in yourself and your abilities and making a real connection with your fashion sense.

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