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Over the years, Wall Street Journal has consistently ranked the Wall Street Journal as one of the most popular and trusted sources of men's fashion news. The Wall Street Journal, like other popular American business magazines such as Time Magazine, US News & World Report, The New Republic, and People, among others, have been publishing fashion and style stories for men since 1989. In every issue of the Wall Street Journal, there are at least seven articles listed under the heading “Fashion.” In each of these seven fashion stories, the style and trends that are being covered are always discussed. This includes information on wedding dresses, prom dresses, business attire, designer suits, executive attire, and more. The Wall Street Journal has also done feature articles on various designers and products associated with the latest styles in fashion.

The Wall Street Journal also publishes fashion columns, which contain articles written about men's clothing. These columns discuss the latest fashions in men's fashion, and give the readers a glimpse of what the world's most famous fashion designers are thinking. The fashion industry is extremely competitive, and many of today's hot names in fashion have come out against one another in an attempt to gain market share and keep their brand name at the forefront of male fashion. As such, fashion magazines often carry exclusive interviews with some of today's most prominent designers.

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Along with fashion and style articles, the Wall Street Journal also carries a number of consumer protection articles. Many of these Consumer Protection Reports focus on the ways that certain fashion and cosmetic companies take advantage of their customers by offering them inferior products and false promises. Consumer Reports issues reports that examine the ways that various companies advertise their products, in order to sway consumers to buy their items. Additionally, the Wall Street Journal issues Consumer Reports every six months, focusing on various industries and examining how they're doing in terms of consumer protection. All of these issues, while not directly related to fashion, are an important part of understanding the state of fashion today.

A number of consumer protection newsletters are published monthly as well. These articles offer information on all manner of different topics related to fashion and allow men everywhere to get a little insight into how their favorite fashion designers go about creating their collections. It's important for all men (and even women! ), to pay attention to everything that the Wall Street Journal has to say about men's fashion trends.

Some of the more popular issues from the Wall Street Journal Men's Fashion are the Style of Men, Trends of Men and the Best of Times for Men in the Fashion Industry. Each of these series focus on one aspect of men's fashion–something that gets all of the major players in the fashion industry excited. For example, the series “The Style of Men” focuses on the latest trends from the male fashion community, highlighting athletic men, average looking men and trendy looking men.

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Another way that the Wall Street Journal covers the fashion industry is by hosting fashion weeks. This allows designers and other creative individuals to show off their creations to the largest gathering of people on the planet. Fashion week events happen all over the world, and are actually the largest and most publicized event of the year for both men and women. From New York to Paris to Sydney, many of the most prominent fashion designers in the world attend these events, and the shows are broadcast live to people all around the world. They also sponsor the fashion shows that bring famous faces and designers into the fold.

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