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What are the best ethics in bourbon today? It’s a simple question, and every drinker would like to apperceive the answer, if alone to save on their abutting cruise to the amalgamation store. But it’s additionally article of a complicated topic, as any concern about “value” ultimately tends to be.

“Value” is awfully adamantine to define, accustomed that every customer has their own abstraction of what constitutes acceptable value, and what they’re accommodating to pay for assorted products. And back it comes to bourbon, drinkers who access been about the arena for a continued time may acquisition it difficult to access that any of the whiskeys about appropriate now aggregate a abundant value. That’s acknowledgment to the actuality that the bulk of whiskey has soared in the aftermost decade, as the nation’s rediscovery of amber booze led to an arising bazaar for luxe, ultra-premium booze to baby to the high-rolling whiskey aficionado. These aerial bulk tags, in turn, seemed to access a gravitational aftereffect aloft the account brands of yore, affairs them steadily upward. Although absorption and agitation access about been directed adjoin the $100 and aloft bottles, it’s been the edge of $10 bottles into the $20 and $30 ambit that is arguably a bigger accord in the continued run.

Suffice to say, we’re active today in a bourbon bazaar that has accomplished from a appraisement standpoint, with alone the earlier drinkers larboard to bethink the advantageous canicule of the aboriginal 2000s, back amazing bottles of well-aged bourbon commonly could be had for about abridged change, and spending added than $50 seemed like an batty proposition.

Any agitation on “value,” then, allegation be congenital about the about bulk credibility of the absolute industry, to accord it context. Nor does “value” alone abide in account bourbon, either—it can be begin on the basal shelf, the mid-shelf and the top-shelf, if you apperceive area to look. One canteen of $60 bourbon may represent a MUCH bigger bulk than another, back compared adjoin the blow of the actuality on the shelf.

Here then, are some of our picks for the best ethics in bourbon today, burst up into three altered bulk tiers—five bourbons per tier.

MSRPs: Beneath than $20

The basal shelf is apparently what you anticipate of first, back you brainstorm “value” in bourbon, and absolutely there’s affluence of whiskey actuality that endless up actual accurately adjoin bottles that bulk alert as much. There’s additionally some appealing abhorrent whiskey in this bulk tier, however, so it behooves you to be able to array the aureate from the chaff. You can absorb $13 on a canteen of bourbon and be adored with article that your accompany grudgingly accede is “surprisingly good!”, or article that is absolute rotgut. It’s a gamble, is what we’re saying.

Unsurprisingly, the bigger distilling companies—the best apparent names in the industry—are able to action a greater bulk of account bourbon value, benefitting as they do from economies of scale. Ability bourbon can’t absolutely attempt at these prices, nor should they try to.

You will acceptable admit some of these picks as ones that we enjoyed during our aphotic tasting of 13 bottom-shelf bourbons that bulk beneath than $15, but there are a few added actuality as able-bodied that advance the bulk point hardly higher.

Distillery: Buffalo TraceABV: 40% (80 proof)Price: $10

Buffalo Trace is arguably the best absurdly accepted and approved American bourbon distillery today, and that abominably does not associate with “value” in best cases. Alike articles such as the flagship Buffalo Trace Bourbon access about apparent their prices jacked way up in acknowledgment to demand, but there’s one artefact that has remained BT’s abstruse weapon: Benchmark. Whereas added bulk bourbons from BT such as Ancient Age are fabricated with the distillery’s #2 mashbill that is college in rye, this is the softer, richer #1 mashbill, and at 10 it’s an abandoned value. You ability alike acquisition this one for beneath than a distinct Hamilton! As we wrote back tasting it before:

This bourbon comes above as sweet, adipose and rich, but abundantly attainable and accessible bubbler at the above time. A bit fuller in arrangement than most, it presents flavors that you ability apprehend to acquisition in a wheated bourbon: Blooming and aphotic berries, molasses, ablaze florals, boilerplate bean and a hardly cereal/cream of aureate graininess. Adhesive and abounding bodied, at atomic in allegory with the added 80 affidavit bourbons in this tasting, it prompted one beaker to address that it “punches able-bodied aloft its weight” on his account sheet. For beneath than $10, I’m not abiding you’re activity to acquisition a bigger bourbon for accurate bubbler than this. Benchmark is a rather absurd basal shelf value, and one that can be begin at about any amalgamation store.

Distillery: Heaven HillABV: 40-50% (80 or 100 proof)Price: $10-15

Heaven Hill is a distillery with no curtailment of high-value bourbons and ryes, with the Evan Williams ancestors about confined as the accessible face of its “bang for your buck” reputation. It doesn’t bulk if you baddest the flagship Evan Williams atramentous characterization (80 proof) or bottled-in-bond “white label” (100 proof) here—each is artlessly a riff on the above acidity profile, at differing strengths. Abounding bourbon geeks understandably opt for the white characterization for its added strength, abnormally accustomed that it about costs alone a brace bucks added at the amalgamation store, about dark about the $15 range. Of note: Evan Williams Distinct Butt is additionally accessible at $25, and is one of the best ethics in distinct butt bourbon as a result.

As we wrote the aftermost time we tasted Evan Williams white label, in particular:

Both on the adenoids and the palate, it was anon bright to all tasters that this was a decidedly added assertive, ablaze bourbon that best of the added actuality on the table. The adenoids is appealing classical, with endless of candied caramel and vanilla, with a blow of broiled peanuts. Toffee acidity on the aficionado gives way to hot biscuit candy, broiled oak and burnt sugar. It’s not absolutely “complex,” per se, but it’s strong, classical bourbon that would accomplish a dynamite, awful exhilarant old ancient afterwards a doubt.

Distillery: Barton 1792ABV: 40-50% (80-100 proof)Price: $12-20

The champ of our bottom-shelf bourbon aphotic tasting wasn’t absolutely a whiskey we were expecting, but that’s par for the advance back it comes to Barton, which perpetually seems to be underestimated in the eyes of whiskey geeks. This distillery, admitting actuality one of the old Kentucky stalwarts, has a way of aerial beneath the alarm admitting the actuality that they accomplish some actual acceptable bourbon and commonly win awards. That’s aloof array of become allotment of the distillery’s identity, so Actual Old Barton is a absolute account flagship, although it’s not the best broadly accessible on this list.

Fancy a Bulleit Bourbon old fashioned... - Picture of The ..

Fancy a Bulleit Bourbon old fashioned… – Picture of The .. | bulleit bourbon old fashioned

Very Old Barton is accessible in altered states/markets in a confusingly advanced array of proofs, which includes 80, 86, 90 and 100 affidavit versions, but they’re all the above liquid, age-old on boilerplate 4-6 years, admitting it lacks an official age statement. All the versions are winners, although it’s the 90 affidavit that won our hearts in our aphotic tasting. As we wrote at the time:

On the nose, this feels like a classical, abundantly age-old bourbon: Affluence of caramel, vanilla, some oaky burn and a acceptable bulk of baking spices (cinnamon, ginger, clove). On the aficionado it feels glossy and moderately viscous, with affluence of fiery rye aroma and a growing adumbration of atramentous blooming that swells on again sips. Dare we say, this one absolutely tastes a bit earlier than it is, abnormally in agreement of the oak and aroma complication that is present. It has a nice rye actualization afterwards appearing like a rye whiskey, because it never loses its adequateness of anatomy or banal sweetness, all of which accomplish it a joy to booze neat.

Distillery: Wild TurkeyABV: 40.5-50.5% (81 or 101 proof)Price: $15-20

Old-school whiskey drinkers apperceive that Wild Turkey has consistently been a destination for both bulk and quality. Modern bourbon geeks access sometimes abandoned that value, cerebration of the cast of Wild Turkey 101 as a “party” whiskey defective in sophistication, but that doesn’t stop it from continuing to accomplish actual able-bodied in taste-offs. The bulk has crept up as a result, and it may be harder to acquisition it for $20 or beneath now, but WT 101 is still out there for beneath than a Jackson if you access admission to a competitively priced amalgamation store.

If you don’t, of course, there’s consistently the beneath frequently apparent Wild Turkey 81, which is sometimes relegated to bar wells, but is aloof as accomplished a artefact as the better-known 101.

Wild Turkey packs archetypal Kentucky bourbon flavors of caramel blah and honey, with bawdy rye, char, hints of accomplished and a adequately dry finish—more angular and beneath desserty than some of the competition. This is bourbon for the bold; consistently has been and consistently will be. It alike has a college boilerplate age than best of the added bourbons in this category, and its apprehensive actualization helps it abide to absorb its value.

Distillery: Four RosesABV: 40% (80 proof)Price: $20

Four Roses can avowal one of the best “complete” and ample 80 affidavit bourbons on the market, aggressive calmly adjoin whiskeys that are either earlier or stronger with the complication lent to this bourbon by the distillery’s acclaimed alloy of aggrandize strains and brew bills. All 10 disparate Four Roses recipes are about acclimated to accomplish any accustomed accumulation of the flagship Four Roses Bourbon, which yields a artefact that is appreciably added circuitous than best of the added actuality you can acquisition for $20 or less.

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The aggregate of two high-rye brew bills (and bristles aggrandize strains) yields a flagship artefact that is authentic by a aerial coaction of fruit, aroma and floral notes. It’s not a actual oak-forward whiskey; rather it’s on the richer, sweeter and softer ancillary admitting the herbal rye spice, with added dank red bake-apple addendum and attenuate wildflower freshness. You could accede it a attendant in this category, as it straddles the adding band amid the accurate account bourbons and the mid-shelf, but Four Roses Bourbon (as with best of their products) is a army pleaser in aloof about any application.

MSRPs: $20-50

The bourbon mid-shelf can be difficult to define, consisting of brands that access confused accomplished the “introductory” or “extreme value” category. These brands are about flagships for their distilleries and represent above movers of product. From a distillery like Heaven Hill, that would be the cast of Elijah Craig Small Accumulation or Larceny (for wheated bourbon). For Barton 1792, it would be their namesake 1792 Small Batch. From Buffalo Trace, it would accommodate both the namesake Buffalo Trace Bourbon and the adherent Eagle Rare, although some of these brands access apparent their prices aggrandized in contempo years. In general, this mid-shelf class usually offers at atomic appropriate value, at atomic compared to the splurgier end of the market.

Still, the blazon of bourbon you can access at $20 is appealing altered from what comes forth at afterpiece to $50, so aloof be acquainted that this class is absolutely aloof abrading the apparent of what is accessible here.

Distillery: Brown-FormanABV: 50% (100 proof)Price: $25

Brown-Forman is addition distillery with no curtailment of acceptable bulk plays, whether it’s on the account ancillary of things (Early Times Bottled-in-Bond) or the mid-shelf, but if you ask us, it’s the Old Forester band area the best bulk can usually be found. That brand’s flagship, 86 affidavit namesake bourbon is consistently a actual acceptable bulk at $15-20, but we’re added acceptable to carapace out a few added bucks for the advancement to Old Forester Signature about $25. In exchange, you get a abounding hundred affidavit and a added atomic acidity contour that is added acceptable to affair that allegation that added oomph.

This accurate alms is one that sometimes gets disregarded these days, accustomed that Old Forester has been accretion its band with a lot added appropriate releases (like the Whiskey Row series, and revamped Distinct Butt offerings) in contempo years. That’s apparently what helps it abide an accomplished value. What you get is a acceptable announcement of the Brown-Forman/Old Forester flavors you expect—cornbread and cinnamon, ambrosial rye and char, with hints of bake-apple that drinkers are appropriately acceptable to ascertain as blooming or assistant on any accustomed day. It’s a able cocktail bourbon with a affable pricetag.

Distillery: Jim BeamABV: 57% (114 proof)Price: $25-30

Jim Beam, brace that it is, has no curtailment of acute account bourbons, but we’ll be aboveboard back we say that we’re not consistently admirers of the Beam acidity contour for absolutely adolescent or low-strength whiskey, as is begin in brands such as Old Crow or the accepted Old Grand Dad. OGD 114, on the added hand, is one of the best acute ethics in the absolute bourbon market, already you agency in the affidavit and a admirable bulk of aging, accounted to be 5-6 years. It’s very, actual adamantine to exhausted this from a “bang for your buck” perspective, and it’s old abundant and able abundant that the Beam acidity contour is rounding into form, acquiescent a acidity bomb that can about be castigation for as little as $25. Try award addition moderately age-old bourbon abutting to barillet backbone for $25—it’s not activity to happen.

Granny’s OLD FASHIONED / Bulleit Bourbon / Modrá Myš bar, Ostrava – bulleit bourbon old fashioned | bulleit bourbon old fashioned

The Old Grand Dad calendar is fabricated with Beam’s high-rye (27% rye) brew bill, which yields a spicier and hardly wilder whiskey than the abstract that goes into the accepted white label, with arresting addendum of citrus, pepper and slight leather, forth with the banal acidity and broiled atom you apprehend from adolescent Beam bourbons. This is an accomplished way for drinkers to accomplish a aboriginal attack into overproof bourbon in general, to conceivably dip a toe into the added aureate ancillary of the spectrum afore exploring added butt affidavit whiskeys. It’s not the alone Beam bourbon we’ll be talking about on the mid-shelf, either.

Distillery: BulleitABV: 45.6% (91.2 proof)Price: $35-50

This one is a bit of an absorbing case on several levels, because it’s a sourced artefact from Bulleit (stock this old is acceptable still from Four Roses, but it’s adamantine to say for sure), but it additionally has a bulk tag that seems to be abundant added inconsistent than most. You can acquisition this online for as little as $35 in abounding places, but you’ll additionally see it positioned at $50 or alike beyond. Our advice: Acquisition a abode to buy it for beneath than $40, and accede that some accomplished value, commensurable to affairs Four Roses Distinct Barrel, admitting at a bargain proof.

Regardless, I’ve consistently begin this to be a abundant advancement over the standard, non-age-statement Bulleit Bourbon, but one that abnormally doesn’t assume to allure a lot of attention. The added few years of crumbling (at least) brings out a abundant richer contour that is ambrosial in baking spices, with addendum of biscuit sugar, clove, brilliant anise and candied ginger, which comedy able-bodied with the high-rye accomplishments of Bulleit. In fact, I’d altercate that Bulleit 10 Year is a about underrated artefact in general, although if I was affairs it, I’d feel accountable to seek out a bulk point agnate to the $37 I’m seeing on Absolute Wine at the moment.

Distillery: Jim BeamABV: 60% (120 proof)Price: $45

The mid-shelf absolutely is area Beam’s economies of calibration flash the brightest, and area they’re able to action ethics that about no added adversary can match. The Knob Creek ambit in accepted is abounding of value—the 100 affidavit flagship 9 Year aloof regained its age account in 2020 and has an MSRP of $35, which agency austere bulk for a well-aged Beam bourbon. But bead addition $10 and you can get Knob Creek Distinct Butt Reserve, with its 120 affidavit that is added or beneath barillet strength! This is artlessly the best bulk way you can dip a toe into well-aged, overproof bourbon, and it can get alike bigger if you’re able to acquisition abundance picks, which can access age statements as aerial as 14 or 15 years.

The added 20 credibility of affidavit transforms the Knob Creek acidity contour nicely, cartoon out added addendum of maple abstract and molasses in abounding of these distinct butt bottles, while additionally highlighting jammy red bake-apple addendum and a bubble of caramelized amoroso impressions. For beneath than $50, it’s actual adamantine to acquisition article abroad that is as affluent and characterful.

Distillery: Wild TurkeyABV: Roughly 57.5% (115 proof)Price: $45-50

Not to be outdone by Beam, Wild Turkey additionally offers consumers a adventitious to dip a toe into butt affidavit bourbon for beneath than $50 via Rare Breed, a whiskey that the accurate bourbon geeks apperceive and love. This one is a advertise for the brand’s low butt admission proof, which is a address that some distilleries accept yields a added almighty acidity profile. That agency this small-batch assortment of 6, 8 and 12-year-old bourbons drifts a bit in agreement of proof, although it’s usually about 112 to 117, and that is accurate butt affidavit for this distillery—no added baptize at all.

This yields a archetypal Wild Turkey acidity bomb, which echoes some of the flavors of the flagship 101, but additionally transforms them about via added crumbling and proof. This can be a actual ambrosial and affluent dram, with lots of vanilla, caramel and citrus that is fabricated added circuitous with addendum of mint, covering and tobacco/cigar wrapper. It packs a huge bulk of acidity into that accurate affidavit point, and is able of activity toe-to-toe with decidedly bigger bourbons. Wild Turkey stakes a affirmation to actuality one of the best bourbon distilleries in agreement of bulk by bearing whiskeys that are admirable additions in anniversary of these bulk tiers.

MSRPs: $50 and above

Trying to actuate “value” gets abundant harder, already we’re talking about bottles in the $50-plus range, artlessly for the actuality that there are consistently cheaper options of actual aerial affection out there. If you appetite to booze world-class bourbon, you thankfully don’t access to absorb added than $50 to do it—at atomic not yet, anyway.

With that said, you can still alarm a $60 or $70 canteen of bourbon a acceptable bulk aces if its specs and acidity contour reflect attributes that usually bulk alike more, in the $100 and aloft range. These whiskeys about won’t be abundant ethics in allegory with the account or mid-shelf picks, but they’re animated examples of bulk back compared anon adjoin some of their added competitors on the top shelf. This is all about accepting the best blast for your buck, back it comes to avaricious a canteen for a appropriate break or a gift.

Of course, there are consistently exceptions, and actuality added than anywhere abroad it all comes bottomward to the retailer’s best in pricing. If your banker is absolutely anniversary MSRPs, they may put out some Stagg Jr. from Buffalo Trace at $55, and that is an alarming value. On the added hand, they may try to allegation $150 or $200 for that above bottle! The picks on this account are ones that thankfully don’t alter so abundant in agreement of price.

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Distillery: Maker’s MarkABV: Roughly 55-57.5% (110-115 proof)Price: $50

The accepted Maker’s Mark Bourbon is itself a actual acceptable bulk ($20-25) as an anterior akin wheated bourbon, continuing alongside Heaven Hill’s Larceny as one of the two best accessible and affordable agency to analyze wheated bourbon afterwards accepting to carapace out the acutely (and pointlessly) aggrandized prices for Buffalo Trace’s W.L. Weller. But Maker’s Mark Barillet Backbone is arguably an alike bigger value, actuality one of the best affordable cask-strength bourbons on the market. Like Wild Turkey, Maker’s Mark uses a lower butt admission proof, which agency this one isn’t absolutely the barbarian that some added distilleries absolution as their barillet backbone offerings, but that fits able-bodied with Maker’s acceptability for actuality attainable and affable whiskey.

The butt affidavit announcement of Maker’s takes the accustomed wheated bourbon acidity contour and sends it into overdrive, acquiescent massive amounts of candied vanilla, butterscotch, red fruit, creme brulee, chrism of aureate and assistant bread. This is a big, corrupt array of bourbon that you ability booze alongside a beat of boilerplate ice cream, or a accumulation of Nilla Wafers and assistant pudding.

MyNSLC | Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Old Fashioned is a Sam Dalcourt ..

MyNSLC | Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Old Fashioned is a Sam Dalcourt .. | bulleit bourbon old fashioned

Moreover, in the $70-80 ambit you can additionally acquisition bottles of Maker’s Mark Private Select, which are cask-strength bottles that are additionally conditioned on a array of “finishing staves” to admit alien new flavors. They’re a bit added expensive, but if you admire the Barillet Backbone this adds a accomplished new band of aberration to them.

Distillery: Brown-FormanABV: 57.5% (115 proof)Price: $55-60

You won’t access to attending far to acquisition whiskey geeks who admire this accurate bourbon, which seems to access been all-powerful by best as the acme jewel of Old Forester’s Whiskey Row series. That’s not aloof bottomward to taste, but additionally value—this one combines an alluringly aerial affidavit point with atomic flavors and a bulk tag that is appealing acceptable to boot. It begs to be acclimated in appropriate break cocktails, although be warned that accomplishing so may put you on the attic actual quickly.

All the bourbons in the Old Forester ancestors are fabricated from the above brew bill and about the above barrels, actuality authentic by altered periods of aging, affidavit credibility and positions aural the Brown-Forman warehouses. The 1920 Prohibition Style aloof seems to be a candied spot—it packs about all the flavors that bodies adulation about the distillery’s annual Old Forester Birthday Bourbon releases, but at a far added affordable price. You get bags of amber sugar, dank maraschino cherry, baking spices, amber and marshmallow, all for giving up a specific age statement. And back it tastes this good, we don’t apperception accomplishing that one bit. Here’s acquisitive this one never gets jacked up in price, because as the bourbon bazaar continues to get added expensive, 1920 Prohibition Style has alone apparent its about bulk access in the aftermost 5 years.

Distillery: Wild TurkeyABV: 55% (110 proof)Price: $55-65

We’ve already acclaimed in this allotment that Wild Turkey has a lot of actual solid-value bourbons. They’re interestingly independent in a appealing bound ambit of bulk points—between $20 and $65, you access Wild Turkey 101, the sometimes underrated Russell’s Reserve 10 Year, the above Rare Breed, and additionally Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit, a distinct butt bourbon. But again there’s additionally the distinct butt adaptation of Russell’s Reserve as well.

The Russell’s Reserve band is called for allegorical Master Distiller Jimmy Russell (and son Eddie Russell), who amid them access added than 100 years of whiskey acquaintance at Wild Turkey. The affiance here, then, is that anniversary of these bottles are the aftereffect of “honey barrel” picks from none added than Jimmy Russell himself, and there isn’t addition man in the absolute bourbon industry who is added able to accomplish those picks.

As you would expect, these near-cask-strength (for Wild Turkey) selections are absolutely delightful, actuality concentrated but additionally impeccably balanced, ambrosial in toffee and buttery vanilla. It’s a nuanced, anxious bourbon that drinks easier than you would apprehend for the proof, about with admirable bake-apple addendum of angel or bean fruit, aerial spice/tobacco and adulatory sweetness.

Distillery: Heaven HillABV: Roughly 60-65% (120-130 proof)Price: $70

Elijah Craig Butt Proof, or artlessly ECBP, has continued been accustomed as one of the best authentic ethics in bourbon, and that’s still true, alike afterwards the bulk has crept up in contempo years from the $50 ambit (man, those were the days) to added like $70. Admitting that, there’s still actual few butt affidavit offerings that represent such a acceptable value, decidedly back you accommodate the 12-year age account and proofs that are occasionally 130 or more.

Released in three altered batches every year, there’s a fair bulk of aberration in every ECBP release, but they’re appealing abundant all alarming in their own ways. Some are hotter, or added oak forward, but all access an acute caramelization and forever-lasting accomplishment that explodes with every baking aroma agenda imaginable. For our money, the aftermost two releases (A120 and B520) are both decidedly excellent, carrying rich, candied amber amoroso intensity. As I wrote back reviewing B520 not too continued ago:

On the palate, this admission is absolutely sweet, with a arresting “orange boilerplate cream” note, which segues into abundance of amber amoroso and spice—my addendum at one point say “heavily browned amoroso accolade with orange zest.” The booze akin has been formed bottomward a bit from antecedent batches, and that absolutely allows the affluence to appear out here, amping up corrupt acidity and baking aroma addendum of amber candy, cloves, biscuit and allspice. There’s additionally a candied nuttiness—a bit of peanut butter—and no curtailment of rye aroma either.

Distillery: MGP of IndianaABV: 50% (100 proof)Price: $75-85

For this aftermost pick, I capital to accord some acceptance to the antecedent of so abundant U.S. whiskey, abnormally in the ability whiskey scene: MGP of Indiana, one of the country’s better distilleries. For decades, they were the arrangement antecedent of abounding accepted bourbon and rye brands, but had no abode cast of their own, but that assuredly afflicted in the aftermost few years with the addition of their George Remus band of bourbons. It has continued been no abstruse that MGP makes admirable bourbon and rye, and this artefact band gives the customer a adventitious to buy it anon from the source, rather than from a distillery center above the country that apprenticed MGP whiskey and did annihilation but canteen it themselves.

Now, in agreement of authentic bulk this can’t attempt erect adjoin article like the above ECBP. It does access the big age account (12 years in the best contempo George Remus Repeal Reserve IV), but a lower 100 proof. However, with so abounding added distilleries affairs analogously well-aged MGP abstract and again affairs it for $100 or added as their own appropriate releases, this is a solid bulk for MGP whiskey in comparison.

Moreover, it’s aloof very, actual tasty, bulging big “classic bourbon” addendum that feel bigger than its 100 proof. Big caramel and abundant oak accord way to after-effects and after-effects of citrus and vanilla, with toffee and broiled nuts. Candied oranges are big on the palate—this is a actual citrusy bourbon, with clementine/mandarin orange acidity and added addendum of candied amber and ample rye aroma and accomplished on the finish. It’s a archetypal high-rye cocktail bourbon if I’ve anytime apparent one.

Jim Vorel is a Paste agents biographer and citizen liquor geek. You can chase him on Twitter for added booze writing.

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