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Choosing the top men's fashion brands can be a very challenging task. You want to get the best products for your money and you also want them to look great on you. The fashion industry is very competitive and you have to stay ahead of the crowd in order to sell high quality clothes. Here is a list of the top men's fashion brands you should consider when you are making your purchasing decisions.

Diesel. Diesel has been around since the 1980s and they continue to put new designs out that look amazing. Their clothing lines include both stylish street wear and designer wear for elite customers. Diesel produces both men's and ladies' clothing and their jackets, shoes, and jeans have won many awards and have made a lot of noise. For great low prices and quality you can't go wrong with a Diesel product.

Aqualax. Aqualax was started by husband and wife team Mike Andrie and Ulrich Wagner back in 1985. The couple's love for sailing and water sports led them to design sportswear that incorporated the elements of their sport into clothing. Aqualax tops and outerwear are both trendy and elegant. You can find almost any Aqualax garment in a great many colors and styles. A good choice for the sporty man who still looks fantastic.

House of Dereon. If you love celebrities and fashion you will love House of Dereon. They have been designing and selling top men's fashions for over thirty years. Every year they come out with something new and a few select pieces from their summer collections. Every year House of Dereons puts out a wide selection of quality, fashionable outerwear that looks great on everyone.

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Diesel. If you are looking for a designer brand that is a little more down to earth but offers great style then look no further than Diesel. Diesel apparel is known not only for its comfort but also its unique designs and materials. Diesel apparel is a great choice for the person who likes a casual style but not too edgy or sophisticated.

D&G. While it is known as just a ladies' brand Diesel has been designing quality men's clothing for many years. The D&G brand offers jackets, shirts, pants, jeans, and of course the classic Diesel sweater. Diesel has made some great coats that come in a variety of colors, so if you want to wear one of the top coats this year hit the Diesel store to get your coat.

HOM Fashion. One of the newest brands to make a splash in the men's fashion scene is HOM Fashion. This brand actually began as a street Wear brand. After taking notice of the men in the streets they decided to transform their clothing lines into a fashion line. The fashion-conscious guys can now afford to dress well. Look for pieces from HOM Fashion on your shopping list.

Michael Kors. Michael Kors was known for creating elegant women's clothing pieces. However, they have also done a good job creating elegant men's pieces that are top notch. If you are tired of seeing the same old polo shirt and jeans in the closet then take a chance and try a piece from Michael Kors. You are sure to be happy with the end result.

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Balmain. Balmain has been around for a long time. However, they haven't made a comeback like many other fashion brands. For awhile it looked as though Balmain would ditch their men's clothing line. However, they have actually remained true to their roots and are now offering their products through their eBay site.

Burberry. Burberry is one of those fashion brands that has really made a name for themselves. They offer a variety of clothing and accessories. The only drawback to the brand is the price. Usually you will have to spend at least a couple hundred pounds to get yourself a great pair of shoes or an elegant trench coat.

These are just a few of the top men's fashion brands out there. There are many more that offer a high quality product at a reasonable price. If you want to find out more about the latest fashion trends then you might consider purchasing a subscription to Men's Weekly. It is full of all the latest updates in the world of men's fashion.

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