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With her new alternation Cursed, about the Lady of the Lake, Katherine Langford is aback on Netflix, but this time she’s adverse some actual altered battles that would never see the ablaze of day at Liberty High.

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Cursed explores the Arthurian fable of the Lady of the Lake with a twist. Traditionally, Merlin uses abracadabra to allowance a brand in bean and Arthur proves his account by affairs it out. The brand is eventually damaged in a action with Lancelot, but the Lady of the Lake restores the brand to its aloft glory, paving the way for Arthur to become king. 

King Arthur isn’t the focus of Cursed, however. Langford plays Nimue, a Fey (or fairy) who is destined to become the Lady of the Lake. However, aback we accommodated her, she’s apparent as an outcast by both her aeon and Elders acknowledgment to an adventure she accomplished as a child. Afterwards her mother’s death, she meets Arthur (Devon Terrell), an abrupt accomplice as she undergoes a adventure to buck a able brand to Merlin (Gustaf Skarsgård). Forth her adventure Nimue charge booty on the Red Paladins, a accumulation aggravating to rid the apple of magic, as she tries to amount out her own destiny, attention herself and added outcasts like her. 

“It’s cogent a adventure of a accurate charlatan that is able and able and not aloof altering a adventure because she’s a woman,” Langford told Refinery29 advanced of Cursed’s release. “[It’s] article I ambition I’d had growing up.” 

Ready for some magic, fairies, and mystical brand battles? Let’s dive in. 

We accommodated Nimue as she rides her horse forth an arcadian blooming hill, but article is accepted — the wind is bawl and the birds are aerial in a spiral. She makes her way to an accessible bazaar of sorts, breadth a adolescent boy alleged Squirrel (Billy Jenkins) is walking through breadth bodies are acrimonious vegetables… and Squirrel is surreptitiously acrimonious everyone’s pockets. 

As they chat, a woman walks by and calls Nimue a witch, disgusted. Nimue takes the acknowledgment in stride, but she’s alone an alms afore branch to the pyre. As she assembles her boutonniere of agrarian flowers we see aloof how bewitched — and adverse — the acreage absolutely is. A about cartoonish annual floats in the air as sapphire-colored fly buzzes by, giving Disney-movie-come-to-life accordance (or a actual awe-inspiring dream), but afresh the wind starts bawl again, whispering, “Save them” over and over again. We accommodated our aboriginal talking beastly as a deer with a blatant articulation approaches Nimue to buck a message: “Death is not the end, Fey queen. Save them.” Then, suddenly, accession shoots the deer with an arrow (guess no one could save the deer).  

Story continues

“What did you do?!” Nimue asks, aghast, as a few men arise over to aggregate their supper. They acquaint anniversary added not to get too abutting to “this witch” or they’ll “get the worms” (what absolutely do these bodies anticipate witches do?). “Even her dad larboard her,” one remarks, sparking a anamnesis of a adolescent Nimue argumentation with her Papa to arise back. “You’re cursed, Nimue,” we see a hardly beforehand Nimue told in a anamnesis as the men badger her. Nimue shouts at Benue to get out of her backwoods as the bow in his duke turns into a snake, abbreviating its anchor about his arm. Blooming veins activate to arise on the abandon of Nimue’s face and abutting until she assuredly lets him go. During a anamnesis we get a faculty of why her Papa left. “She brings a darkness, a curse,” he says. Nimue’s mother Lenore (Catherine Walker) arrives and assuredly snaps her out of it. Nimue lets him go, but not afterwards a accusation from babyish mom of course. 

Nimue is understandably agitated over the absolute encounter. Her mother tells her not to be ashamed, but Nimue credibility out a aloft difference: she’s the one alleged “demon” and “witch.” “Are you the aerial priestess now or my mother?” Nimue snaps. 

It’s commemoration time and aggregate looks eerily out of Midsommar, alone hardly moodier. The Elders’ apparel are dark, the sky is gray and blurred as bodies amphitheater a ample fire, aphotic torches in hand. Nimue cautiously makes her offering. “As Sky Folk we are built-in in the aurora to canyon in the twilight,” Nimue’s mother says, accoutrements outstretched. It’s atramentous afore we apperceive it and the bonfire ball and sparkle, accessible to accept a new Summoner. “The Hidden are with us,” Nimue’s mother notes. (Who are these Hidden?) They army Nimue, abundant to everyone’s agitation — she’s apparent by aphotic gods, the others complain.

Nimue gives all the angsty 13 Reasons Why activity as she refuses to be Summoner and storms away. Her mother isn’t accepting it, though. The will of the Hidden is clear, she explains, and the ability is a gift. It should be acclimated to adviser and serve Nimue’s “kind.” Nimue marches away, accessible to get on a address and leave. Nimue’s acquaintance Pym (Lily Newmark) catches up to her, accessible to allocution her out of it. “Who cares what those anhydrous onions think?” she asks. (A fair question!) Nimue has bogus a accommodation and isn’t alteration it. “Oh my Gods,” Pym says — a attenuate yet ablaze acclimation of the byword for an Arthurian cosmos — as she insists on tagging along.

We accommodated Ancestor Cardin (Peter Mullan), an advocate and baton of the Red Paladins who wants to rid the apple of magic, and his red robe. He’s acknowledgment to a adolescent boy that they charge belch the weeds — the demons — from God’s garden, behindhand of aloof how alarming the weeds are. The boy, allegedly an biting “demon,” is affective and taken abroad as Ancestor Cardin sits up and we see aloof what his apple looks like. There is anarchy and abolition all over the acropolis as crosses and fires burn, bodies birr about on horseback. 

Meanwhile, a Moon Wing has appeared and tells her adventure to Nimue’s mom. She talks of the men in red apparel who austere the copse and asleep bodies in their beddy-bye with smoke. She looks absolutely like her name, anemic and about as if she’s cutting clouds for clothes and hair. A man in a hooded bathrobe antic some austere guyliner (with tears, of course!) walks abroad from the bonfire as the Moon Wing tells her story: the Weeping Monk (Daniel Sharman), a crusader who hunts the Fey for the Red Paladins. The Red Paladins are affective arctic and they’re in their path. 

Merlin (Gustaf Skarsgård) is far from any archimage you pictured in your mind. There’s no white bristles and abounding amethyst apparel actuality — instead, we accommodated Merlin as he sulks in the bend of a tavern, awning fatigued over his face so you can’t see his eyes… because he’s asleep. It turns out to be a ruse, though, as he grabs Hook, who’s aggravating to hunt his robes, and holds a knife to his eye. He threatens to about-face them into birthmark rats but doesn’t absolutely commit. Did Merlin lose his magic?

Over at the castle, Baron Uther Pendragon (Sebastian Armesto) is accepting some abhorrent account as Merlin is brought in, bare-chested and allegedly drunk. Turns out best accusation the baron for the aridity (in accession to the Fey’s witchcraft). Merlin, meanwhile, had promised them rain, but he claims acclimate is too fickle. The baron is adverse problems and Merlin ability accept the acknowledgment no one wants. The Shadow Lords could apathetic Carden’s advance — but it’s not rain, so it’s not acceptable enough. 

Nimue and Pym are benumbed Nimue’s horse as they altercate the mission. Gawain (Matt Stokoe) took the Brass Shield, the alone address that crosses the sea to the arid kingdoms, but Nimue wants to get on it. She’ll cut her bristles so no one knows she’s a babe and she’s got 20 argent — she’s got this, folks. They access at the berth and the address isn’t there, however, and won’t be aback for six months. Nimue and Pym accomplish their way through the apple to a man who’s singing to a babyish crowd. He spots Nimue and serenades her. Nimue walks abroad so he chases her, axis his coquette and exchanging names so they aren’t strangers — ladies and gentlemen, accommodated Arthur. The leash grab drinks as they apprentice about anniversary other. Arthur may be adolescent and scruffy (and, apparently, has a history of thieving), but turns out he’s a knight. A man interrupts to allowance a dice bet: if he wins, he gets a kiss. If Nimue wins, she gets 10 silver. Arthur warns Nimue the dice are abounding but she presses on anyway, animate she can use her powers. Nimue and Pym try to accomplish a quick escape already her abstruse is revealed, but several of the Red Paladins hunt them through the crowd.

Merlin, meanwhile, is speaking to a shopkeeper and adorable for a abstruse Cardinal Three item. The babysitter opens a drawer and pulls aback a bolt to acknowledge an babyish with three faces on its head. This doesn’t accept like it’s activity anywhere good. 

Arthur finds Nimue and Pym ambuscade from the Red Paladins in the dupe and offers them acceptable aggregation and abhorrent wine. At his place, Arthur is teaching Nimue to fight, which of advance agency actual abutting acquaintance and a near-kiss by the fire… until Nimue catches him off-guard and headbutts him. (She’s absolutely accession you’d appetite on your ancillary in a alehouse fight.) 

Merlin is thumbing through a book of magic, breadth we see some accustomed imagery, including the Cardinal Three babyish and a sword. 

Nimue and Pym leave Arthur abaft as they altercate the almost-kiss. It turns out Nimue had a vision, but she won’t budge. They’re disconnected by a horse galloping accomplished them, its saddle on fire. They ride in the administration the horse came from alone to see a chaotic, ablaze action with the Red Paladins, breadth Pym is taken. Nimue hides on the sidelines until she spots Squirrel and pulls him out of the fight. As he escapes, Nimue is captured by one of the men in red apparel and is abject by her bristles to Carden. As Carden instructs the man to bandy Nimue into the blaze anybody in a red bathrobe is attempt with an arrow, acceptance Nimue to about escape. 

Nimue finds her mother laying on the ground, bloody, a brand by her side. She gives Nimue a mission: Booty the brand to Merlin. Nimue’s mother sacrifices herself to one of the Red Paladins so Nimue can escape. 

Over at Merlin’s, things are absolutely casual. It’s assuredly raining, but not afterwards a dosage of danger. Merlin is continuing on a ledge as a abashed charlatan stands abaft him. The clouds and rain about-face red — the gods, it seems? 

The baron and his people, meanwhile, are adulatory the end of the aridity with a ample meal and a tankard of rain. As he takes a sip, however, article is awfully wrong: The rain that fell on the alcazar seems to be blood. 

As Nimue finds herself trapped on a rock, amidst by affronted (and honestly, affectionate of animatronic-looking) wolves, Merlin is addled by electricity and catches fire. Nimue pulls the brand out and slays the wolves. If there’s one affair we know, it’s that she’s got this brand affronted affair down. 

Burning questions: Who are the Hidden, and why did they baddest Nimue to be the Summoner? Why did the address leave early? What did Merlin do with the Cardinal Three to accomplish it “rain”?

A adolescent Nimue wakes up as both her parents are fast comatose on either ancillary of her in bed. Nimue and Pym activate an early-morning adventurous of adumbrate and seek, Pym ambuscade in the caliginosity as Nimue makes her way through the backwoods and bottomward a aphotic path. Meanwhile, developed Nimue is authoritative her way through the backwoods adorable for Squirrel, who’s ambuscade out from the Red Paladins — but one of them spots Nimue first. 

Back in time, adolescent Nimue makes her way into a cavern and trips over a bedrock on the ground. Pym’s articulation apologizes, a artless “sorry,” but the articulation afresh distorts, acceptable added and demonic, agnate to the deer aftermost episode. “I was aloof so hungry,” it says. A ample buck with red eyes approaches Nimue from behind, glottal and pawing at her — it’s one of the aphotic gods. Her mother senses article is amiss and instructs Nimue from distant to alarm to the Hidden with her thoughts to advice her. Developed Nimue finds herself in a agnate book as she struggles with the Red Paladin. The buck collapses into a abominable splat as developed Nimue wakes up on the ground, bloodied with the brand by her side. 

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The baron is banging on Merlin’s door, advantageous him to answer. He’s bent about the claret rain, claiming it makes them attending bad, but a bashed Merlin aloof wants a little added time to abstraction the omens. 

Carden is walking through the dupe with the Weeping Monk, analysis the coarse body Nimue larboard behind. They apperceive the Fey brand is still out there, and the Weeping Monk addendum Nimue’s tracks. A accumulation of Paladins adjure on the arena adjacent as one of their own is bent in a askance web of snake-like timberline roots. Carden berates them, pointing at the trapped man — he’s the enemy. 

As developed Nimue cleans her brand in the baptize we see flashbacks of her mother accustomed adolescent Nimue from the cavern to audit her injuries from the bear. Lenore pleads with Jonah, Nimue’s father, to advice her. Alike admitting Nimue survived, the others anticipate the demon will arise aback for them. 

Squirrel runs out of the bushes alone to arise contiguous with the Weeping Monk, who wants advice on how abounding bodies survived. Squirrel spits at Monk, calling him algae (a actual adventurous move accustomed their admeasurement difference). 

Nimue continues her hunt for Squirrel but runs into agitation with one of the Paladins. She asks a man operating a horse-drawn accustomed to accord her a ride, claiming she has an ailing tooth, but the Paladin is apprehensive and asks him to cull her tooth in advanced of them. They both accede and he pulls Nimue’s tooth out afore proceeding.

Squirrel, meanwhile, is travelling with the Weeping Monk, chattering abroad about horses aloof like any adolescent would. Nimue makes it into town, breadth the adviser is admonishing anybody about her existence. So abundant for a quiet getaway.

In addition flashback, Jonah is abiding a pre-teen Nimue, who approved to run away. Lenore is beholden while Jonah is angry, claiming Lenore boodle her. Nimue feels blackballed by her ancestor and anybody about her, including the added children, because of her scars. 

Squirrel is laying bottomward as a accumulation of men arise for the Weeping Monk. They appetite to apperceive why the Monk took Squirrel, but it turns out Squirrel is aloof the allurement — the men were his accurate targets. He bound vanquishes them all as Squirrel watches, horrified. The Monk unties Squirrel and instructs him to acquaint the added Fey what went down. 

Nimue runs into Arthur in the boondocks and explains that anybody is gone. Appropriate abroad they are approached by onlookers, including Bors, the man she swindled in the tavern, who admit her as the witch. He demands Nimue accord him her brand as two men arrest Arthur, but Nimue has added ideas. She slices the man’s duke off and Arthur break free. The two jump on a horse and ride away, about authoritative it below the gates. Already they’re safe, Arthur berates Nimue for her actions. He’s complicit in this now, too, and there’s activity to be a amount on his head. Nimue explains that they asleep her mother, but blames herself for aggregate that has happened. Arthur assuredly softens and tries to balmy her up, admiration by the fire. 

In addition flashback, a hardly younger, acutely added airy Nimue walks through the backwoods in a ablaze dejected dress, captivation easily with a adolescent albino boy. Aloof aback she thinks he’s about to kiss her he declares, “Witch!” and added adolescence arise out from hiding, attached her to a tree. The aback of her dress slips, absolute the mark of the aphotic gods. One of the adolescence is sucked into the roots of a adjacent timberline as the added two appeal with Nimue to let her go. They cut the roots chargeless and run away. Later, Nimue sits by the baptize as Lenore reminds her babe that she is a warrior and will survive annihilation — alike a bully. 

Arthur is account over Nimue’s brand as they booty ambush in an abbey. He cuts through the air as the brand makes a tinkling noise. He suggests Nimue advertise it, but she explains her mother’s dying ambition to accord it to Merlin. “You can’t change her fate, alone your own,” Arthur tells Nimue, but she vows to accumulate her mother’s dying promise.

Merlin arrives at the arena of Lenore’s death. He closes her eyes, picks her up, and places her on the aloft pedestal, reciting a spell about casual in the twilight. There appears to be a abysmal affiliation amid the two. Merlin is afresh walking forth a road, accusation crosses bottomward while a apparitional actuality in atramentous apparel passes him. He asks if the Widow has arise for him. “Not aloof yet,” they respond, a aroused cast to the voice. He aria about the brand and the Shadow Lords will see it as the final betrayal. No one wants the Church to access the sword, the Widow explains, because afresh they will ascendancy who wears the crown. It turns out Merlin created the words that set aggregate in motion — “Whosoever wields the Brand of Ability shall be the one accurate king” — but he doesn’t accept there’s one accurate king; the brand is cursed. The Widow demands Merlin accomplishment the war as Merlin, not the “piteous creature” he is. 

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“I accept no magic, that’s what the brand took from me,” Merlin explains.

“Even added acumen to accost it,” the Widow responds. 

Merlin refuses to acquiesce that to appear though, abrogation the apple “lost.” He asks the Widow breadth the brand is. She senses both abhorrence and abundant ability about it, as Arthur acclaim takes the brand from a sleeping Nimue’s arms. Merlin’s got a plan, however, to cook the sword, behindhand of how difficult it ability be — and with the Widow’s help. 

Arthur is walking through a alley with the brand on his back, Sister Igraine (Shalom Brune-Franklin) on his heels. He’s off to accomplish a dying wish, he tells her afore abrogation with the brand — alone.

Burning questions: How did Lenore and Merlin apperceive anniversary other, and what does Nimue accept to do with it? Who is Sister Igraine, and how is affiliated to Arthur? 

A adolescent Arthur’s board brand action is interrupted. His father, a knight, had been afflicted in a fight. Arthur kneels by his ancillary as he tells him his dying wish: to accompany aback the knights’ honor. 

Adult Arthur rides on his horse through a village, the brand beggared to his back, as passersby brainstorm he’s there for a tournament. Nimue, meanwhile, wakes up in the abbey to a adolescent sister, Iris, watching her, the brand boilerplate to be found. Iris claims to accept an abnormal talent: if she stares at accession continued abundant she can see the demon in them.  Sister Igraine enters and ushers Iris out afore slapping Nimue. Sister Igraine wants to adumbrate Nimue in the abbey, but Nimue shoves her abreast and accomplish out, Red Paladins including Carden animate the area. Nimue allotment to the abbey, she encounters Abbes Nora. Nora suspects article is up but believes Nimue’s lie that she’s a abundant woman alleged Alice, abrogation her in Igraine’s affliction aback there are afflicted Paladins in the architecture as well. 

Igraine and a well-disguised Nimue access the allowance breadth the Paladins are actuality kept. The afflicted one is bloody, with $.25 of branches and roots advancing out of places they best absolutely should not be. The added Paladins accusation “the Fey girl” for his fate. Igraine pulls a basis out of the man’s throat. Nimue leaves to get dressings but overhears Carden talking about the brand and takes a jug from an biting nun to accord herself a acumen to access the room. Carden knows a Fey witch able with the brand — the attribute is apparent on Nimue’s victim. The Weeping Monk enters with lists of the Fey Elders who are still alive. Carden wants the Paladins to accomplish the Fey abolished so they can acquire the sword. “Then, and alone then, the adorable fires will arise for Merlin,” he says. Nimue pauses as she exits the room, but the Weeping Monk senses article altered about her attendance as he cautiously looks abaft him. He searches her room, award her clothes and giving them a abysmal sniff. Someone’s been activate out. 

Meanwhile in the allowance with Nimue’s victim, Nimue and Igraine are analytical his abnormal bake from the sword. Igraine abstracts out the bake is central him, its ability fatigued from the four elements, water, earth, air, and fire. The Monk, meanwhile, informs Carden the adversary is in the building. 

Arthur, still captivation assimilate the sword, meets up with his Aunt Marion. He wants Sir Ector’s advocacy for the tournament, he explains. Nimue is disposed to her accommodating with Fey remedies — a aloft accident accustomed the arduous cardinal of Paladins in the building. Nora comes into the allowance to analysis his cachet and tries to adumbrate the Fey analysis aloof as Carden enters, allurement if any new girls accept abutting the abbey. Nora puts the pieces calm and covers for Nimue, arch Carden to appeal he catechism all the sisters one by one. 

Over at the castle, Baron Uther is bringing his mother broiled milk with honey, but as the two bicker, he has an ambiguous motive. Merlin has gone missing, he explains, but it turns out his mother can see aggregate that goes on from her branch — including Merlin’s claret rain-filled ritual during the lightning storm — and she suspects Merlin is up to something. 

Nimue is ambuscade from the Paladins as she spots Igraine with addition sister. Arrant and upset, the two kiss afore spotting Nimue. She won’t acquaint anyone what she saw, she tells Igraine, because what they did isn’t wrong. The Paladins annular up anybody in the abbey as Nimue stumbles aloft bedding account their affairs and maps. She rolls them up and stuffs them in her sleeve but is about bent by a Paladin who tells her to go to the barn. Nimue takes a about-face and burns the Paladins’ affairs in the fire.

Arthur, accustomed his arch aerial and with the brand advised for Merlin, visits his uncle, Sir Ector, to ask for his sponsorship. Arthur agrees Sir Ector ability accept knights bigger than him, but insists he can best them. Arthur wants the befalling to acquire his uncle’s respect. Sir Ector seizes him up, seeing the abeyant in Arthur, abnormally if he wears his father’s armor. Does he accept a aces weapon, though? Arthur pulls out the brand and tells Sir Ector an acutely bogus account of how he concluded up with the sword: He adored a girl’s activity in Hawksbridge, and she gave him the brand in return. Sir Ector buys the adventure and doesn’t accept to admit the sword. 

The Widow joins Merlin in the tavern, who is — what else? — drinking. We get a glimpse as to why Merlin is this way. He’s lived “too long,” he says, and has apparent so abundant over his years that he begins to balloon what admiration feels like… but wine can about aftertaste like wonder. The Widow has had a eyes and will not let Merlin abort the brand in the Fey fire. Merlin won’t die if it is destroyed, but will ache so abundant that he will beg for the end. 

Arthur and Sir Ector booty a bank in a tavern, but up walks Bors, and he is unsurprisingly still barmy about accepting his duke cut off and actuality out so abundant silver. He asks Arthur if he’s explained how he came to acquire the sword. Bors reveals Arthur has been with a Fey babe and Sir Ector demands the sword’s truth. Arthur admits he blanket the brand and Sir Ector says he is worse than an embarrassment. 

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Over at the abbey, anybody is aggregate in the barn so the Paladins can catechism them and the Weeping Monk can try to suss out the Fey in their midst. Nimue and Igraine are with the afflicted Paladin, who is healing acknowledgment to the Fey analysis they gave him. He aback takes a about-face for the worse and added Paladins arise in to adjure over him, but Nimue and Igraine abandon aloof as the Weeping Monk enters the room. 

Igraine gives Nimue admonition to get to Arthur, absolute she’s his sister. That isn’t the bigger surprise, though: Igraine isn’t alike her name. There was a botch aback she accustomed at the abbey and Igraine is absolutely her grandmother’s name — she’s Morgana. She gives Nimue a hug and promises her she isn’t alone. Nimue departs on a boat.

Merlin asks to be taken to the baron as a accumulation of men ambush on him. He sinks into the dirt. That’s, uh, one way to travel?

Burning questions: Which baron is Merlin visiting? Who is the Widow, and what has she seen? 

Igraine, er, Morgana is hitting her face to accomplish herself attending like she’s been baffled up. She’s “found” by two Paladins and tells Carden that the witch ran appear Hawksbridge, aggravating to bandy anybody off Nimue’s scent. The Paladins are demography a woman out of the abbey as Carden gives a admirable accent about anybody entering war and asks Morgana to be his soldier. “Yes, Father,” she replies (as if she’s got any added choice). 

Nimue docks her tiny baiter and comes beyond Dizier and his wife, Clothilde. In the wagon are two associates of the Snake Clan, a ancestor and child. They are anon alert of Nimue, but she promises she won’t aching them. Dizier knows Nimue is Fey, and that Morgana beatific her — turns out Morgana has been operating a Fey Underground at the abbey and is a key amount in the Resistance (well, that absolutely sounds familiar!). Survivors are abrogation signs for others in the copse and rocks alleged Nemos. Nimue needs to arch to Gramaire, but the others acquaint her it’s too alarming and risky. She refuses to acquaint them about the sword’s actuality but tells them she’s afterwards an account key to everyone’s survival. Dizier accepts this and changes advance to Gramaire. 

Pym, meanwhile, has angry up afterwards ambuscade in the accessories but is wide-eyed, covered in clay and speechless. A adolescent man finds her but his mother won’t accept it aback she’s of Fey kind, so he drops a bomb on anybody (including Pym): They’re activity to be married, so of advance she has to stay. Already his mother leaves it turns out it wasn’t aloof a cover. He absolutely wants to get married, and fate has swept her to his door. Uh-oh.

Arthur is on a wagon with several Paladins. The alley to Gramaire is blocked off by added Paladins, as anybody has ample out Morgana-slash-the Wolf-Blood Witch is at the abbey and they’re afterwards the sword. The Paladins in the wagon are gleeful, as they accept the brand and, to put it in their words, “the adolescent who aching it.” The Paladins in the wagon assert on bringing the brand to Carden themselves.

Merlin, meanwhile, is actuality agitated by a accumulation of Afflicted, a rag accoutrement his eyes, appear what looks like acutely wet, addled ruins. They’re all hissing as they advance Merlin to their king, Lord Rugen. Rugen’s attending is a far cry from Baron Uther — his acme isn’t gleaming, but the bittersweet in his appropriate eye absolutely is. Merlin wants to apperceive what Rugen has heard about Carden. The Red Paladins accept affected anybody off the road, including merchants, and Merlin won’t do annihilation about it — Rugen is pissed. Merlin wants the Shadow Lords, including Rugen, to acquire the Brand of Ability afore Uther finds out it still exists. Merlin claims he doesn’t appetite it for himself, but for Rugen. (Anyone abroad not affairs this?) Merlin ability Rugen an age-old torque to prove his acceptable faith. 

Over at the abbey, Iris is apprehensive of why the witch didn’t annihilate Morgana. The wagon Nimue is on, meanwhile, has been chock-full by the Weeping Monk. Dizier lies and says Nimue is his niece, Johanna, and they are in the covering appurtenances business. It fools the bouncer and they’re accustomed to arch to the gates of Gramaire. The Weeping Monk sees appropriate through it, however, and informs the Paladins and Carden. About them in the copse and on the arena are the symbols Dizier was talking about — Nemos.

Over in addition wagon, Arthur is cheeky a Paladin, cogent him a adventure about a aloft corpuscle acquaintance as he surreptitiously picks the lock on his handcuffs. He manages to escape from the wagon, but the Paladins bound stop so they can hunt him.

Rugen brings Merlin to his abundance haul. He’s got every array of gem and admired one would commonly apprehend to see — pigeon-blood rubies, the Chalice of of Ceridwen, and in the middle, a corrupt skeleton of a woman with carefully-stacked rocks for wings and emeralds for eyes, the blooming Fey blaze that artificial the Brand of Ability afire in advanced of her. Rugen places the torque on the abutting of the skeleton, Boudicca, authoritative her complete. 

Nimue’s wagon alcove Gramaire and she departs, abrogation Dizier and the others behind. Over at the abbey, Iris is praying acutely and allurement for a assurance from God so she can do his able-bodied (I assumption aback Carden says “no,” you go to the top?). She throws a Bible at a pot, animadversion it over and absolute a chaplet inside. Iris marches to Morgana with the necklace, but she’s gone. Morgana is abrogation the abbey from the aforementioned avenue Nimue did, but not afterwards a goodbye (and kiss) from Celia first. 

Nimue approaches Ector’s castle, but the knights continuing bouncer won’t let her in. Arthur spots her, adequate to see her safe, but she draws a knife on him, ambitious her sword. Arthur informs her the Paladins accept it and that he aloof able them, but Nimue wants to apperceive aloof breadth he ditched them. As they accomplish their way through the dupe they acquisition the wagon Nimue had aloof been on, Dizier and anybody abroad asleep at the easily of the Paladins. Nimue makes her way through the woods, whispers and a mystical ablaze arch her to the sword. 

The Paladins are bathing in the water, accepting larboard the brand abaft in their wagon (smart move, guys). Nimue asks the brand to accord her its ability as it glows. One of the bathing Paladins pauses as he looks in the baptize — they aren’t alone. Nimue stands up from below the baptize in all her abutting Lady of the Lake celebrity and stabs him with the brand afore axis to the added bathing Paladin and slicing his neck. Added Paladins accompany the brand action and Nimue slays best of them except for one, who puts her in a chokehold, bringing her underwater. She can apprehend Lenore’s articulation cogent her, “Take this to Merlin” as Arthur slays the aftermost of the Paladins and pulls Nimue out of the blood-soaked water. 

Nimue and Arthur acquisition the little babe from the wagon, who is still alive. They charge to get her about safe, an absurd assignment — but the old Fey symbols in the dupe action admonition that Nimue understands. Meanwhile, Iris is walking abroad from the abbey as it burns abaft her, screams acute into the night. Pym active bottomward to the docks breadth she saw an adorable banker beforehand that day, acceptable gluttonous him out, while Merlin wakes up and grabs his torch, activity afterwards the Fey blaze with the keys he blanket from Ruger. He manages to ample a thermos with the emerald flame, but he isn’t alone in the cave. Ruger’s Afflicted alight from all sides, abrupt and block Merlin. He all-overs on his horse aloof in time to escape them. Nimue, Arthur, and the adolescent accomplish it to Nemos. “We’re home,” Nimue says.

Burning questions: Who is Boudicca, and what does her achievement mean? What will Merlin do with the Fey fire? Are Nimue and Arthur absolutely safe in Nemos?

The adventure opens with a abominable scene: Cumber the Ice Baron (Johannes Haukur Johannesson) apace chops a knight’s arch off with an axe as assemblage donning abundant furs watch. Cumber addresses addition man admiration on the ground, terrified. He wants him to canyon on a bulletin to Uther, the “king of lies,” that the accurate claret beneficiary to Abode Pendragon has arrived. 

Nimue wakes up in a cave, breadth Arthur has been attention her sword. He’s already activity out-of-place in Nemos aback he’s got too abundant “man blood.” Morgana enters and Nimue tells her the account about Dizier afore they go on a airing through the woods. In Nemos, the backdrop is ethereal, the abundant blooming copse and grass bathed in a aureate sunlight — no clouds here. They account about Merlin and Arthur as they walk. Morgana is agnostic of Lenore’s dying ambition and doesn’t appetite Nimue to get absent with a asinine drove (seems some problems are universal, alike in allegorical universes). 

Merlin’s escape from Ruger’s isn’t activity so well. He’s bogus it absolutely far on horseback but he’s chock-full by a accumulation of knights in the dupe who accuse them with treason. He sends his horse abroad to the Widow as he’s amidst by the knights. Carden enters a covering amidst by bodies with gold faces, but they won’t acquiesce the Weeping Monk inside. Central is a man bathing who Carden addresses as “Your Holiness” — seems there’s accession aloft him. Carden is instructed to get the brand and accord with her, or the Trinity will accept command of the Red Paladin army… and they don’t accept mercy. Carden exits, bent with the Weeping Monk, blaming him for their abortion to abduction the sword.

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Iris, captivated in a red cloth, approaches a accumulation of Red Paladins sitting about a blaze in the woods. She wants to be a Red Paladin, but they apish her aback she’s a woman and acquaint her to accompany them the Wolf-Blood Witch’s head, laughing. 

Pym has managed to bastard assimilate the address with the Red Extra and her crush, Dof. The added vikings appetite to asphyxiate her afterwards seeing her continued bristles and piecing calm that she’s Fey, but he convinces the others to accumulate her about for her healing talents. 

Morgana and Nimue are branch to appointment Yeva (Olwen Fouéré), a Moon Wing ancient and sorceress who is their best adventitious at award Merlin. Morgana abandons Nimue at the access — no man claret permitted. Central the cave, Yeva is abject on the ground, cutting a bedraggled white fur of some kind. Nimue smells “wrong,” Yeva says, not like Sky Folk, and that Nimue’s ancestor was appropriate to abhorrence his blood. Yeva eventually agrees to canyon a bulletin to Merlin application her bird, Marguerite, alike admitting he’s a traitor. 

Over at the castle, Baron Uther’s mother has acrid demands for her son: Annihilate Merlin, accessory with the Red Paladins adjoin the Ice King, and bandy him into the sea. Already there are no kings to abide it will be accessible for him to accost the sword. Simple… 

Arthur and Nimue avenue a cavern into an idyllic, paradise-like setting. The rocks are shining, the sun is setting, and there’s a hot bounce nearby. Arthur bound strips bottomward and hops in the baptize (oh, hello), adulation Nimue to accompany him. He turns his aback as she removes her clothes, affected about her scars, and joins him. The two accept a abysmal chat breadth Arthur tells Nimue about his father. (That’s one way to get to apperceive someone.) Nimue acknowledgment him for cogent her about his adventure and inches afterpiece to him, angling for a kiss. Arthur acutely wants it but pulls abroad at the aftermost second. “You deserve accession good,” he tells her. He’s abashed of messing their abeyant accord up and doesn’t appetite to aching her. Nimue turns about and gets out of the water, balked as she reveals her scars to him.

Over on the ship, Pym is axis to the canteen as the vikings arise to her one by one with their ailments. Some are blood-soaked gashes and arrows ashore in places they should not be while others appeal of a altered affectionate of healing; “I’ve been accepting aphotic thoughts as of late,” one viking tells her. Dof approaches her one night but she’s appealing abundant over actuality on the ship. He takes her duke and pinches her ear, aggravating to accomplish her feel better. 

Uther visits Merlin, who’s chained up in a cell. He’s absitively the claret that fell on the alcazar isn’t endemic but Merlin’s because of his abandonment and loyalty, and the alone band-aid is an execution. Merlin has until the morning to buck the brand or the mob will accept his head. (No pressure!)

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Over in the woods, Iris is sitting by a blaze befitting balmy as a accumulation of Fey access her, alms to accumulate her safe. At the castle, it’s morning and Merlin is actuality brought to the decollate as Uther’s mother looks on from her tower. As Uther sentences Merlin to death, Marguerite the bird arrives with the bulletin from Nimue. The letter offers to accompany the brand to Merlin, extenuative him from beheading this time. 

Arthur approaches Nimue, who’s glammed up with lipstick and a new dress for a Joining — a wedding-like accident — that night. He wants to acquaint her he’s leaving, but she insists he comes, if alone to balloon about aggregate afflictive them for an hour. The allure amid the two is insurmountable as Nimue asks him to break and they assuredly kiss. It’s interrupted, however, by the Blooming Knight’s arrival, and in the action Nimue and Squirrel reunite. The Blooming Knight, it turns out, adored him. The charlatan takes off his helmet to acknowledge the one actuality Nimue was atomic expecting: Gawain (Matt Stokoe), one of her oldest friends. The two embrace (much to Arthur’s dismay), abashed to see the added alive. (Does anyone abroad faculty a adulation triangle basic here?) Iris, meanwhile, is ushered into the Joining, breadth the added Fey animate her and acquaint her they’ll be safe from the Red Paladins aback the Wolf-Blood Witch is there. You can about see the cogs spinning in Iris’ mind. 

Merlin visits the queen agent in her tower, absent to acquaint her the adventure about the midwife. It had been a algid night in May but bodies stood below the stars captivation candles because a baron was actuality built-in that night. The adolescent struggled central the queen regent, a stillborn boy. The queen agent awash with the midwife and created a plot. The midwife paid a ancestors for its babyish boy, but canicule after that mother was activate dead, acceptable poisoned. Merlin insinuates the midwife is animate and well, below his protection, to the queen regent’s dismay.

Nimue shows Gawain the sword. He informs her the weapon, accepted as the Brand of the Aboriginal Kings, is their history, their hope. Gawain thinks Lenore’s dying ambition to accord it to Merlin is wrong. He thinks it’s a acceding dent so Merlin will assure Nimue, but Gawain insists he will assure her (not that she needs it, as we all apperceive by now). 

As they return, Morgana is arrant because the abbey has been austere to the ground, no survivors — including Celia. Iris stands on the sidelines, dead over the affliction and adversity she caused.

Nimue visits Yeva, who has an acknowledgment from Merlin. The Hidden will booty Nimue to Merlin, it’s too alarming on the road. Memories will arise to Nimue — possibly good, possibly bad — as the articulation of the Hidden. Merlin awaits Nimue on the alley to the Between. Nimue adventures a alternation of memories, best acutely her ancestor abrogation because there’s a anathema in her blood, benumbed abroad as a adolescent Nimue pleads for him to stay. Nimue awakens in the temple breadth her mother died, Merlin continuing on the added ancillary of the platform. Nimue explains Lenore is her mother and what her dying ambition was. Nimue pieces calm why Lenore asked her to accompany the brand to Merlin: He’s her father. They both blow and Nimue awakens. 

Burning questions: What affectionate of calamity is Iris activity to bones with the Fey?  If Merlin is Nimue’s absolute father, afresh who is Jonah?

The Weeping Monk shoots a ablaze arrow into the Fey’s fields. Carden has a new plan to get rid of the Fey kind: Starve them out, bake their fields, affliction their farms until they panic. 

Nimue is assertive on bringing Merlin the sword, but Gawain is incredulous. He believes the brand could advice them win the war adjoin Carden and the Weeping Monk as their fields burn. A animated Arthur interrupts the conversation, an blackballed third caster to Gawain. Gawain insists on accompanying Nimue, but Arthur was already planning to tag along. Nimue is abashed — she doesn’t charge an escort, she tells the rivals. The men are bent to accomplish her choose, so she selects Kaze (Adaku Ononogbo), a woman who has been continuing adjacent watching over the absolute discussion. Morgana wants to tag forth as well, still agitated about what happened to Celia. She doesn’t alive for the Fey clans anymore, Morgana says, but she isn’t abiding who she lives for now. 

The three set off on horseback as Merlin packs his belongings, barrier aloft a babyish board adornment box with a tiny broiled annual central it. We see a anamnesis of Lenore rolling the beginning annual amid her fingers, an affectionate anamnesis for Merlin. Uther enters the room, analytical to see breadth Merlin is branch to get the sword. 

Merlin sets off on his journey, but the queen agent is watching over his moves. The Fey, meanwhile, are struggling: There’s alone one comminute larboard and one avenue to it. Arthur is apprehensive that the accessible alley is a allurement set by the Red Paladins and offers to tag forth as protection. Gawain is acutely not captivated by the anticipation of accepting to biking with his adulation triangle rival.

Nimue, Morgana, and Kaze access at the castle. Kaze urges Nimue to argue Uther to assignment adjoin the Paladins and Weeping Monk, while Morgana reminds her to accept to the Hidden. Merlin and Nimue arise face-to-face. Nimue bliss off with the abundant questions: Did he adulation her mother? Merlin confirms he did. He believes she already admired him. The two appoint in a abrupt chat as Nimue appears to change her mind, activity pressured to accord him the sword. Aback there are choir surrounding the pair, bidding Nimue to draw the sword. The choir accord to Festa and Moreii, built-in of battling clans, he explains. They hid in the alcazar and drank hemlock so they would never be separated. Nimue isn’t actuality for storytime, admitting — she wants answers as to how she came to be, why Merlin larboard her. Merlin believes he will aloof abort her. He chose the location, he explains, because Festa and Moreii will acquiesce Nimue to see the accomplished with her own eyes. 

Squirrel approaches Gawain, allurement if he should backpack a brand or extra to accompany them on the journey, but Gawain won’t acquiesce him to tag along. Squirrel allotment to the children’s room, breadth Iris approaches him, allurement about his bow. 

Merlin brings Nimue to the bank breadth Festa and Moreii died with a affiance that he will never deceive her. She sits beyond from him, the brand on her lap, as Merlin pulls out a chaplet that will draw the lovers. She’s transported to a brace of Merlin’s memories of Lenore. In the first, Nimue and Merlin stands on the sidelines while Merlin makes his way to the temple breadth her mother died. He lays on the arena as a across-the-board Lenore comes to his rescue, abnegation to acquiesce him to die in the abode of the Hidden. In the additional memory, Lenore and Merlin are walking through the woods, Lenore accidentally flirting with him as she asks Merlin about himself. She informs him the Fey abhorrence him and if they activate him they would annihilate him. “I would die happy,” he tells her.

While Gawain and Arthur try to one-up their action belief en avenue to the mill, Squirrel is teaching Iris how to use a bow and arrow. Squirrel tries to pretend the ambition is a Paladin, but Iris is struggling. Already she begins talking about how her ancestors alone her, however, she makes her target, spooking Squirrel. 

Merlin and Nimue accept ancient his memories. He’s aggravating to advise her how to ascendancy the Hidden — it about comes to Nimue with anger, but she can actualize an ambition and abandonment it to the hidden. Nimue faces a timberline with bald branches. Leaves and bake-apple activate beginning from it. The key to accepting it to assignment angry out to be cerebration about accession Nimue admired — her mother? Or conceivably Gawain or Arthur? Hmm. 

As Merlin and Nimue eat, he reveals the brand acclimated to be his but that he no best wants it. Merlin grew abased on the brand with time and it overcame him. Nimue is assured she won’t run into his issues because every adversary of chastening is assertive to be defeated with it. Spoken like a accurate warrior.

“Sword or no sword, those enemies will acquisition you and annihilate you,” he warns Nimue. He refuses to allotment his affairs for accord but wants Nimue’s trust. Nimue aloof wants to see the past, and she’s adamant about it. Merlin brings Nimue to a anamnesis that no adolescent should anytime see of their parents as Merlin and Lenora angle up. Nimue turns abroad and abutting we see the after-effects as the two lay bottomward — the abounding anamnesis of the amethyst annual he activate earlier. He asks her about marriage, but it turns out she’s already been promised to Jonah, admitting she doesn’t adulation him. 

In the abutting memory, Lenora is charwoman the temple as Jonah and his ancestor arrive. Jonah seems aloof while his ancestor angle Lenora as abandoned aback she has no affairs and there are no offerings in the temple (even admitting that’s uh, not article she controls — that’s on the worshippers, buddy). Merlin stands abreast an access to the temple and casts a spell. In the abutting memory, Lenora and Merlin are accepting a angry fight. They’ve destroyed anniversary other, they conclude, as Merlin stalks away. Lenora discovers the brand below the belvedere in the temple and drops it as if it’s austere her. In the aftermost memory, she asks Merlin to leave her if he absolutely loves her so she can ally Jonah. He departs as Lenora sits down, shock and affliction advantageous her. Nimue snaps out of the memories as Merlin lays on the ground, bashed yet again, repeating, “No more.”

Nimue takes the chaplet from Merlin and asks it a alarming question: “Show me what he doesn’t appetite me to see.” Nimue is taken to a boondocks engulfed in chaos: There are fires afire everywhere, bloodied bodies on the arena as shirtless, glottal men and Red Paladins action anniversary other. Wielding the sword, Merlin apace slices two bodies afraid in fear. Nimue snaps out of it and turns the brand on Merlin, abashed at what she saw. “I’ve lived abounding lives,” he tells her. “Some independent abhorrent mistakes.” How abounding accept died by Nimue’s hands, though? Nimue is assertive her account is just, the aforementioned way Merlin was assertive of his cause. Revenge took over him and it will do the aforementioned affair to her, he warns. 

Merlin reveals his accurate ambition to cook the brand in the Fey blaze and abort it. He swears he will do aggregate to assure the Fey, but he doesn’t appetite Nimue — or himself — to accept the accountability of the sword. 

Meanwhile, a accumulation of Pendragon soldiers are abutting the alcazar while Morgana and Kaze angle guard. Merlin swears he didn’t accelerate them, but Nimue doesn’t accept him and repeats her mother’s words aback at him: “Let this be the aftermost time I see your face.” The three accomplish a abrupt exit, abrogation Merlin with Pendragon’s soldiers. 

Gawain and Arthur are about at the comminute and still bickering. Gawain wants anybody to alight and arch over on foot, while Arthur disagrees. The men accept to Gawain while Arthur confronts him. Arthur and a boy who has been afterward him around, acutely idolizing him, adhere back. Arthur intends to advise him a few tricks but the boy is attempt by an arrow from the Weeping Monk at a distance. A additional arrow pierces through the air, anon aimed at Arthur… and we cut away.

Burning questions: Uh, did Arthur survive that arrow attack? 

More to come. Analysis aback for the abounding epitomize abutting week.

Like what you see? How about some added R29 goodness, appropriate here?

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