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Teenage fashion is all about the trends of the eighties and the nineties, which were influenced by the rise of music videos and MTV. Music videos such as Wildfire, Saturday Night Fever and American Pie gave teenagers an idea of what the world looked like from this point of time, and a new, cool style was born. As teenage fashion increased, so did the influence from videos on the styles of clothing that were worn.

As well as clothing, shoes, and haircuts, the fashion industry responded to these fashions by creating even more types of clothing to cater for everyone. T-shirts became hip and popular with every young man and became a staple style for many teens. Pants became more relaxed to allow more freedom in the movements of the leg. With the addition of denim, the rough edge of the younger generation became even more present in many fashions.

The eighties brought a greater emphasis on sportswear, particularly for football teams. This emphasis sparked a trend towards jeans for most teenagers. Jeans were always a part of the teenage fashion trends because they are easy to combine and work with other clothing to create the perfect look. Teenage fashion also took a leap towards the hippy culture with bands such as the Beatles and Led Zeppelin leading the way. Their clothing and accessories showed the influence from the era, and they helped to bring a new type of fashion to the fashion industry.

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The nineties saw a change in the fashion industry as well, but again, a great deal of attention went back to the basics. The most popular trends for teenage fashion were pullovers and tees, often emblazoned with the word “teen.” Boys also wore crew necks and braces, but this trend didn't last as long. Other trends focused on boys' junior tops and sweatshirts, or sweatshirts and vests.

As the first decade of the new millennium approaches, it will be interesting to see how much emphasis is placed on edgier clothing for teens. It's not hard to imagine that teens today are more interested in streetwear, tattoo culture, and hip-hop fashion than they have in previous decades. It's also not impossible that teens will go back to wearing the same oversized t-shirts and baggy jeans that they've always worn, especially since they're so familiar with these items. However, it's still not likely that any of these fashions will gain popularity and in fact may have a negative effect on teen fashion.

One of the biggest influences on teen fashions has been skateboarding. This sport's explosion in popularity has created one of the largest clothing lines dedicated solely to this very distinctive look. Skateboard companies produce clothing for both teens and adults, and often sell complete skateboard package deals for those who want to complete a complete wardrobe. These options can include shoes, shirts, jackets, hats, bags, and more. They even offer “boards” which children can practice on at home.

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Urban clothing designers also have a big influence on today's teens. Once again, this style is not one that's very popular among teens, but it's still important to see what young people of a certain generation are wearing. Teenagers love to see pictures of themselves or others out in the streets wearing this particular style of clothing, which makes Urban a great style to follow.

One of the most notable aspects of the “Goth” movement was hair metal. The early 80s saw the rise of such bands as Drainpipe, hammeroxide, and Testament to name a few. While these groups did perform politically aware songs, they also put a heavy emphasis on the music itself. They wore bold, bright, contrasting colors, often mixed together to form a colorful collage of outfits. It's clear to see that the “Goth” fashion of the time had much more to do with the music that they were listening to than with their clothing.

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