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As the name would imply, grunge clothing is all about the 1990s and what you can do to look your best in this decade. This article will explore some of the most famous grunge style icons of the decade. By the time that Michael Jackson released Thriller in the early 1990s, this style had become […]

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One of the most popular trends in the 1990s was female fashion trends. The popularity of this fashion can be attributed to the fact that fashion as we know it today was not really in existence during this time. Women had to rely on cloths and dyes which did not really have the durability or […]

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90s fashion brands are synonymous with fun, unique and cool. These were the fashion statements of the decade – something that every young fashion aficionado can relate to. The '90s fashion brands were about fun, fashion, neon, hair colour, pajamas, bikinis, pop art, body glitter, eyelashes, and more. They also had great music with groups […]

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Walk into Studio 54 and you're instantly transported back to the swinging era of Hollywood. This is where glamour, beauty and fun ruled. If you like your retro style but don't want to venture out into the mainstream, this is one of those rare finds that will keep you happy and squared away for a […]